Big Changes Coming to A Magic Forest!

If you’ve been in the store lately, you’ve probably heard murmurings of our new, upcoming class schedule and all the changes that come along with it. We are so excited to make this transition to a class-based model and community center. We’ve compiled this FAQ to help you understand the transition. Class descriptions and teacher bios will be posted later in the week! 

WHAT:  This summer we will be transitioning to a CLASS-BASED model that will also include scheduled time slots for Open Play. Our calendar will mainly be fixed for each season, but we do recommend checking regularly in case we have to make any unexpected changes.

WHEN:  Effective Monday, JUNE 20, 2016. We also will have new store hours! M-F 9:30 – 5:00, Sun 2:00-5:00.

HOW DOES IT WORK?  For our Summer Calendar (June 20 – September 11), all of our classes will be drop-in (children must be accompanied by an adult guardian), with the exception of our MOM’S MORNING OUT DROP-OFF PROGRAM. That’s right!! We are going to have a DROP-OFF program for children ages 2+. More info will be on our class descriptions page. Stay tuned!

WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?  We have an exciting line-up of MOVEMENT, DEVELOPMENT AND SENSORY CLASSES, AS WELL AS ENCHANTING STORY TIMES that will engage your children in FUN, DEVELOPMENTALLY APPROPRIATE WAYS that honor the beauty of open-ended, imaginative play. Most of these classes will take place using the main play area of A Magic Forest. There will also be a craft circle for parents!

This also means that beginning June 20, we will NO LONGER HAVE DROP-IN PLAY except for daily, scheduled periods of time, which will be listed on our weekly calendar.

WHY CAN’T I COME IN JUST TO PLAY IF THERE IS A CLASS OR STORY TIME HAPPENING?  In order for you and your children to get the most out of our classes and story times, we cannot allow any children to play who are not participating in the activity. If you participate in a class, you may return later that SAME DAY during an open play timeslot for ½ price admission. All of our classes build in a little extra play time either on the front or back end, too. If you don’t wish to take any classes, then please visit us during one of our daily open play time slots.

WHAT HAPPENS IF A CLASS IS CANCELED?  We will try our best to have a substitute, but in the event we have to cancel a class, we will have drop-in play instead. We encourage you to “follow” our website so that you can get immediate email notification of any changes or updates to our classes and calendar.

HOW MUCH WILL IT COST?  We have three pricing levels which are based on the class/activity and not your child’s age:

$20 per class/activity; $18 siblings

$15 per class/activity; $13 siblings

$10 drop in open play for all ages; $8 sibling

$40 for Mom’s Morning Out Drop-Off (2 hours)

**Multi-pack discounts for classes and Open Play will be available for purchase, as well as All-Access Passes for the Summer calendar beginning June 13.  Multi-packs and All-Access Passes do not include Mom’s Morning Out.**

WHAT IF I HAVE AN OLD PLAY PACK?  You can still redeem your Play Pack during our daily Open Play periods, or if you wish to put it towards a class, we will just charge you the difference. So if a class is $20, it would cost you $12; a $15 class would cost you $7. Play Packs purchased after June 13 may not be used towards classes.

DO YOU OFFER FREE TRIAL CLASSES?  We do not offer free trials for any of our classes or activities.


  1. You can still have unlimited use during any of our daily Open Play time slots for a 4-week period (we are still closed on Saturdays and Sunday mornings), OR…
  2. If you would like, we will allow you to credit it towards our 4-week All-Access pass for a period of 28 days at the face value of the certificate when it was issued, which is $70. The Summer All-Access pass cannot be purchased after August 15, as our calendar will change after September 11. OR…
  3. You can trade it for a 10-play Open Play Pack that will expire on September 11.

WHEN CAN I SEE THE CLASS DESCRIPTIONS AND CALENDAR?  We hope to post the class descriptions by June 3 and calendar by June 6.

STILL HAVE QUESTIONS? Please email us at

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