The 1st Step in Relapse Prevention

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The 1st Step in Relapse Prevention

I’ve got to remember a magic magnifying mind like mine produces fanciful delusions on a daily basis. When problems pop up, my brain starts to create elaborate daydreams where an incredible stroke of luck comes along and erases all dilemmas.

Perhaps I win the lottery, buy a house fit for MTV cribs and sail away to Neverland on my new yacht. Or is it fly away to Neverland? I’ll never know because that’s not going to happen. I don’t even play the lottery.

Yet I’m entirely capable of doing this for minutes, hours and sometimes days. It prevents me from addressing predicaments with constructive actions. Self-pity is also an inevitable side effect of magical thinking. Why doesn’t anything good ever happen to me?

This habit is fairly common in those afflicted with drug addiction and alcoholism. My sponsor tells me to focus on the solution and watch for the times I drift into delusion.

In my opinion, the first action you can take to curb a return to drinking and drugging is honesty with your sponsor. Talk to him or her about what is going on and ask for suggestions. But more importantly, follow the suggestions. Even if you don’t feel like it.

Remember, your life depends on it.

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