What Recovery Gave My Family

What Recovery Gave My Family

Somber as the letter is, my mom states something interesting at the end. You see, addiction robbed my family of a son and replaced it with a junkie. Recovery returned a son and so much more. Now, when my mom calls me because my dad is out of town and she needs help getting a Christmas tree, I get to show up.

When our family gathers on Sunday to eat dinner together, I get to show up. Usually, I help by grilling burgers, chicken or steaks. I arrive at the house early and typically stay late.

Recovery allowed my family to see the person I can be. It gives me the strength to be present and giving, even when I want to sit at the house on Sunday and watch television. When my parents look at me now, I don’t experience the shame in their eyes and anxiety in their demeanor. I see a shimmer of serenity, brought about through spiritual recovery I learned at Discovery Place.

I sat down with our Family Director, Lisa Komisar, to ask her some questions regarding addiction and family dynamics.

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