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We are closed and no longer running this program. 

A Magic Forest’s Parent & Child Educational Playgroup for infants and toddlers ages 6 months to 36 months, provides an early foundation of play-based learning and socialization. Our program, based on Waldorf education, is designed around the developing young child and meets his or her needs at pivotal stages of development. The peaceful, yet joyful environment created by our teacher, filled with open-ended toys made from natural materials, and small structures young children can explore with their bodies, nourishes their developing senses and emerging gross and fine-motor skills, while encouraging them to embrace and flex their inner, imaginative world.

Waldorf education strives to educate the whole child and acknowledges that all children come to their parents already whole and complete, and not an empty vessel. In our program, parents quietly observe their children, with minimal interference. This not only creates a loving, reverent space where parents can witness and honor the blossoming of their child, but also builds a trust that children are capable—that is, when we give them the space to explore, find their own interests, interact with children their own or similar age, and begin to problem-solve, children gain self-confidence and feel more secure and interested in exploring both their inner and outer worlds. This experience will be forming the building blocks for your child’s formal education, as we know children learn through imitation and by “doing.”

For parents, our classes provide a space for you to connect with one another in a supportive manner, creating a community for you and your family.  Weekly readings and discussions will be centered on child-development, parenting, and Waldorf education. Your teacher, Ms. Ginger, will set a rhythm to the morning that echoes the rhythm of a Waldorf nursery, via outdoor play, circle time, story time, snack, indoor play, and goodbye. You will learn how creating a natural rhythm and connecting with the natural world with your child at home will not only help your child feel more secure and confident, but will also make you as a parent feel more confident in setting safe and loving boundaries, which fosters a greater trust between parent and child.

Rudolf Steiner, the philosopher who, through his own research and awareness, developed Waldorf Education with the understanding that we are all connected and come from the same source said, “It is my desire that Waldorf Education creates human beings who will be citizens of the world willing to give back to mankind.” 

Our FALL 2018 program is a 6-week session that goes from September 5 through October 10. Class meets from 9-11 on Wednesdays and the cost is $280 + fees for the 6-week session. TUITION INCLUDES UNLIMITED OPEN PLAY WHILE ENROLLED IN THE PROGRAM! Space is limited and the class is filled on a first come basis. The deadline to enroll is Wednesday, August 29.  LATE REGISTRATION IS CONTINGENT ON SPACE AND WILL INCUR A $25 LATE REGISTRATION FEE.

DOWNLOAD THE ENROLLMENT FORM & WAIVER: Parent & Child Educational Playgroup FALL 2018 Enrollment Form & Waiver

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About our teacher, Ms. Ginger:

Ginger Smith is a Waldorf trained teacher with a degree in interdisciplinary arts. She began her journey with children as a children’s entertainer. After becoming a mother of twins, Ginger became acutely interested in early childhood and has dedicated much of her studies to the development of the young child. Ginger developed a homeschool preschool and kindergarten program with a partner/ co-teacher and together they applied a full Waldorf curriculum to their program. More recently she has assisted at Seeds of Joy as well as Tivoli preschools. This is Ms. Ginger’s second year teaching at A Magic Forest. She is excited to have the opportunity to develop her classes at A Magic Forest and looks forward to the beautiful journey ahead.

Artwork by Ginger Smith

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